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The overall campaign is available locally in several European countries, and it also relies on a number of references and local codes, such as the famous Swiss clocks, the inevitable Dutch bikes and the best French baguettes. In a series of localized versions, Joan Smalls speaks directly to customers from 100 to 300 cities in each country. They are also invited to share their photos with the hashtag #SHAREYOURSEXY on Twitter and Instagram.

Launched in Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands, this new campaign is also highlighted on social networks, and broadcast television in France from 20 November 2015 a watered down version. The original French video may itself be viewed on the dedicated digital hub, where users can share and express their vision of sensuality.

While Zalando is 3 billion in revenue over the year 2015, the German group said it had achieved revenue of EUR 713.1 million in the third quarter 2015, up 42% year on year. Over the same period, the e-retailer displays an adjusted operating loss of € 23.5 million, against a profit of 3.8 million euros a year earlier. Losses that are partly explained by higher marketing investments.

Not a day without a tweet or a hashtag is mentioned: Twitter invaded every day! While many brands consider it essential, do not launch at random on the social network. The question is not “Should we be on Twitter?” But “Is your target on Twitter?” and “What are your goals?” The answer with examples of Intermarché, Fnac and Buitoni.

Twitter is everywhere. Tweet, hashtag … Mentioned in the media or through conversations, it is not a day goes by that the social network is mentioned. Yet all brands, all brands, all distributors, they must be on Twitter? The answer is not necessarily what you think. Sandrine Plasseraud, executive director of the agency We Are Social, specializing in digital marketing agrees, “Twitter is interesting, but not for all brands.” The CEO is clear on the subject: “The idea is not to say that type of mark should be on Twitter, but whether the brand’s target, she is.” We Are Social cares for an interesting case, the Buitoni pizza. The agency first identified in a time when food and pizzas discussions were held to determine where the target was. “Generation Y sharing pizza as a mood, a passionate relationship claimed on social networks like Twitter and Instagram, says Sandrine Plasseraud, this target represents the future consumer, 40% of the French workforce.” To become more popular users are using websites to buy instagram followers and likes to boost their accounts.


The Buitoni case is interesting in more ways than one. Sandrine Plasseraud explains that “Buitoni suffers from a deficit allocation, for consumers, the brand offers sauces and pasta. And for many years, Buitoni frozen pizzas only sells in France.” By targeting Generation Y, Buitoni is an audience that has no knowledge of the past image of the brand. For the executive director of the agency We Are Social buy instant ig followers define its goals before going on Twitter: generate sales, traffic to a website, provide customer service, or corporate communication.

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